Dunes Volleyball Club LaPorte IN

When considering activities to get involved in, volleyball is a great social, healthy activity.  In a time where parents are desperately seeking something other than the electronic babysitters: This club offers a great alternative for both boys and girls from ages 8 to 18. The most common concern come with the costs and time involved. With the Club offering 4 different levels of time commitment and cost options, it is a reasonable opportunity to provide team building, social, and competitive skills that encourage continuation into the college community. They have had over 400+ college scholarships offered to participants, and scouts visit regularly. They offer clinics, camps, one-on-one coaching, and team play. From league play to strength and agility training, levels start at a local level with practice once a week and only partake at in-house tournaments, satellite teams practicing at local schools,Sei Travel teams that practice 2 times weekly and travel within a regional area, to National Level teams that practice 3 times a week and travel all over the country. The costs are minimal compared to other sports clubs, and can be covered by parents, community fundraisers, volunteering and scholarships. Just a little effort reduces the cost concern parents may have, making it even more appealing and payment plans are available too !!

Owned and operated for over 30 years by Rick Ashmore, this family owned operated with the help of his daughter Jamie Ashmore and son-in-law Adam, is an amazing facility expanding 50,000 square feet in LaPorte, IN. He started by offering his services at local school gyms and collaborated his services under one roof when he started the Dunes Volleyball Club in Rolling Prairie, IN., which operated for about 12 years until the re-location to 110 Clear Lake Blvd behind the Pine Lake Shopping Center in 2017. The only down fall was the difficulty in parking. The main parking lot along side the building is now blacktopped and wraps around to the front of the building. A second parking lot as been leveled and gravelled and wraps around the outdoor sand courts, offering plenty of parking, and a third lot across the street help cover overflow.

The little things that he has done show his passion for the sport and his compassion for his players. Covered in SnapSports® Sport Court Flooring Tiles: A modular flooring that encompasses shock absorbing technology designed to provide improved performance as well as joint support for athletes.  This Facility has 10 practice courts and 8 courts for tournaments, as well as 2 lighted outdoor sand courts and 2 indoor basketball courts. The facility has also expanded the restrooms to alleviate lines and a quick return to the courts.  The Pro Shop has you covered if a player forgets anything from shoes, kneepads, ankle braces, t shirts, warm-up suits, spandex shorts, to water bottles.


With the need of support and a location for boys volleyball, The Dunes will be adding boys teams…. It’s not just for Girls!!! Consider how many pro-athletes procure their conditioning by participating in beach volleyball during their off seasons. Volleyball builds an athletes vertical, footwork,endurance and court communication. These are skills that can be carried over to the basketball courts. Thus, the reason The Dunes includes 2 basketball courts that are open to schools and local organizations for practices and games. https://doctoryessis.com/2013/09/02/training-for-basketball-and-volleyball/ is a great article of the cross training success of these two sports.

The other need in our community is a healthy alternative for adult social activity. The Dunes is planning to expand in this area to incorporate recreational opportunities with community support. From corporate team building to social meets: what a great way to get some physical activity in and meet others in the area.

Anyone interested in participation on any and all levels should not hesitate to contact The Dunes or just make the leap and sign up !!!!

Rick Ashmore
rashmore@dunes.org 219-861-7122

As the amazing Coach Mathis exclaims,” Volleyball Forever!!”. A follow up blog will be coming soon about this amazing man and his accomplished inspiration to the multitude of players in the area.

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