Sophia’s Pancake House is Supreme

About 6 years ago, a life-altering opportunity was presented to a young server, Stelios Mitris, who was born here in the states, raised in Greece, where he worked as a server when his patron offered financial support of his dreams. Now, having been a server before, this happens more frequently than people realize without avail: Goals and Direction – revert back to Just a Dream. This person saw something in Stelios and had no doubt his investment would be successful. There are no words to describe the intoxication that showers you when you meet him: Warm fuzzies, smiling hearts, dancing feet, and and a singing soul, is the best I have. Selios Mitris has a passion for serving people that was acknowledged, rewarded, and exudes from his aura today. With a patrons’ support, he purchased Sophia’s a little over 3 years ago, and has a flare for ownership with a suave management style. The restaurant was named Sophia’s in honor of the original owners daughter, and translates from Greek to mean Wisdom. Stelios made the wise choice of keeping the name we all know and love.

The addition of an outside patio is a great touch, and I cannot wait to come back in the summer and enjoy sitting in a little area or serenity in the midst of this hustling business area.

His employees speak very highly of him, they have the utmost respect for him: He has created a family essence among the staff. His beautiful soon-to-be wife, Teresa – greeting, hosting, and helping wherever she can, displays a Vogue-like appearance: Enhancing the ambiance of an experience there to the top-notch level it deserves. The decor is one of sophistication and tidiness upheld and reflected by the staffs immaculate efforts as well.

I was greeted immediately upon entering the establishment with a friendly smile and offered a table while I waited for a friend to join me. My designated server, Alyssa, was quick to greet me with coffee in hand, and a pleasant patience for the short delay in ordering. The menu offers every kind of breakfast you can think of and a variety of lunches. My Favorite: Stuffed French toast.

This is a masterpiece of 3 texas toast blocks that are satiated with a mascarpone cheese – an italian cream cheese with lemon juice originating from southwest of Milan around the 17th century. Though mascarpia translates to ricotta, it is made from cream and ricotta is made from milk, giving it that custard like dreamy goodness!!! Add bananas foster for a nominal charge and you have a dish that is orgasmic to the taste buds, but dangerous for diabetics. Top that off with a glass of their daily fresh-squeezed orange juice and the spirit is flying high with vitamin C.

They have also included gluten free choices as well, creating limitless accommodations for all tastes, and health options. They have daily specials that are presented on a seperate menu and fluctuates seasonally for quick reference and 2 varieties of freshly made soups daily that are displayed as you walk in. The portion sizes are certainly above expectation for the price and deceptively lower in cost than the stature the establishment presents.

My server was just great!!! Knowing when to walk by the table, when to offer more coffee, when to interact with customers: her follow-up skills were impeccable. After my guest arrived, and her timing was again, perfect. Our meals came expediently and hot. She served us without interrupting and came back to see how everything was at the appropriate time. Stelios nails the customer service aspect and summed it up when he said,” I hire for attitude and train for skill.” Well done!!!

I have been a server before and this was one of the places I worked. As a server, many patrons will offer to support you and your directions in life, but his story captivates the epitome of hard work to success. His success has earned him the Winning 2019 Readers Choice Award. I left feeling very blessed to have met the new owner and re-visiting one of my favorite old stomping grounds.

Published by Pam Brant

I am a beach volleyball travel writer who promotes players, coaches, officials, trainers, organizations, clubs, and other volleyball related services to increase involvement and awareness of the sport in a fun exciting way. Enjoy the journeys of the Volleyball Lifestyle while connecting with others around the USA as we improve community health. I invite you all to like, follow and share my blogs as I visit new and exciting places: Meet some amazing people along the way, and even join in the fun!!! This is for all levels and ages, recreational to professional. Your Feedback is important to me, as I share my information not only with my traveling athletes, coaches, and trainers, but also with any volleyball organization and club. Let's enjoy the journey together of the volleyball lifestyle, share community activities, and promote healthy activity by traveling to our beautiful parks, beaches, and other venues along the way!

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