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Oh the luck of the Irish is upon us! As I have been progressing to support our local merchant on social media I stumbled upon a business with the same message and spirit.

Bernadette Gibson originates to us from an Irish family and supplements her jewelry with a Celtic twist: not only in design but rich in passion and meaning.  As a successful jeweler from Chicago’s Jewelers row at 9 N Wabash, for 30 years, we are privileged to have her talents here in Michigan City for the last 3 years! I didn’t even know! 

She has recently relocated to our community and should be considered the jewel of the town with her shop adorned with beautiful rings, bracelets, and pendants, all custom made and unique. She can customize any kind of design you wish and does so with a joyous disposition.

Scottish Thistle Medallion

This Celtic pendant is a two tone 14 kt two-tone white gold triskele triple spiral Scottish Thistle Medallion. This piece, she said modestly, has a special place in her heart. The design means, “All of the Energy you give out to the world comes back to you…swirling are 3 spirals of constant forward motion,” she says. The three arms of the triskele have various forms of meanings but for her it was the relationship of mind-body-spirit, specifically: courage, strength, and love: All in constant harmony and movement. How could you possibly carve something this and the end accomplishment of perfection not have significant value to your soul?

This ring also has a special meaning as one of her favorite pieces. It is a 14kt White Gold Chatham Emerald Diamond Ring. This ring has hand carved Celtic Trinity Knot on each side with no beginning and no end, it represents unity and the eternal love which binds us together. The unity knots surrounded by bead set diamonds on either side with a Chatham emerald as the center. “I enjoyed carving it, the Celtic knots are endless and flow with eternal love,” she says, and as she spoke, I could see a piece of her soul is infused into each piece she carved. 

She is also very capable of any type of jewelry repair. However, they do not repair watches, or replace batteries.

Her husband, Gary, who also works in the store, and he has filled the rest of the space with Irish clothing for all ages from adult sweaters to baby onsies.

Trinkets and treasures are woven into the room with gift ideas galore.

The walls are crafted with signage that warms your heart and home, as well as handmade Celtic crosses for a religious display and conversational piece of art.

The vibe of pure creativity surrounds you when you walk in and I would be amazed if you don’t find something you can give as a gift or appreciate yourself for years to come.

Ballyea Jewelry Designs

Celtic Jewery Design & Irish Gifts

519 Franklin Street

Michigan City, IN 46360’

Phone: 312-332-9307

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11-5

Additional hours by appointments

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