Local Breakfast Club is Station 801

Coka-Cola Decor Galore

This place displays the essence of community and artistic passion here in Michigan City. Like the Cheers version of a restaurant – where everyone knows your name, a train tours the restaurant from the ceiling, cross table-talking, cell phones down, great food and clean restrooms.

They even have a separate room for business meetings, study groups: privacy. I love meeting people, or just sitting in the back and writing here! Friendly servers, free-flowing coffee, casual greetings – like a shout out from the other end of the room. It has an energetic aura of history and nostalgia that screams community.

This is the Philly Steak Omelette and it is as delicious as it looks. Mouth-watering, seasoned, tender strips of steak, with sauteed green peppers and onions, coagulated with cheese and surrounded by light fluffy eggs, served with toast, or pancake, and american fries or hash browns is a meal that sends a hungry man to work happy and satisfied.

This is the B & G omelette and it is just oozing with flavorful sausage gravy inside and out. The omelette blankets the fresh biscuit and is topped with cheddar cheese, served with hash browns or american fries. A breakfast lovers favorite!

Owners Donna Eaton-Howard and husband, Mike Howard have been the owners for about 15 years and was formerly known as Ceno’s On the Square, which was owned by her sisters. Donna stated, “I am blessed with the people she has met in the community and being a witness to their evolutionary life changes… I have seen some grow and marry and have kids, they go to College, and they always come to share their stories with me”. Mike also chimed in by sharing that even their grand kids now take part in working at the diner. The passing on of family traditions and keeping the culture of community alive here is a definite part of their structure.

They will continue to have 2 soups daily with seasonal specials or requested soups on hand. They also added the Cedar Sub Shop to their business in 2009, and was one of their favorite accomplishments. If you come to Michigan City, make it to the station on time! This place truly is a landmark and offers the heart of our community to all those who visit.

Station 801 & Cedar Sub Shop


801 Franklin Street

Michigan City

Mon – Sat 6am-2pm

Sunday am-2pm

Published by Pam Brant

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4 thoughts on “Local Breakfast Club is Station 801

  1. The comparison with “Cheers” is perfect. Donna, Mike and all of the employees make you feel right at home when you come in. The food is great. The atmosphere is great. The friends that frequent Station 801 are great.

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