I am A True Hippie to the Heart and Soul

I love the beach where you can dig your feet into the sand feeling rooted to the earth. Surrounding yourself with the elements of earth, wind and water, place your soul in the mix as the ðŸ”¥.

Empower yourself. Find your passions. Figure out your boundaries. You may not know what it is you want, but we all know what we DON’T want from our life experiences: thru that we discover our boundaries and can determine their strength; Which ones bend and which ones are unbreakable. Define yourself and your destiny will be visible with clarity. The power of becoming one with the elements of the earth (grounding) allows us to obtain power from nature and not from people. A dependable power that never falls short , never fails, and always there. Your destiny is in your hands and this tool in your toolbox is a great tool to use when rebuilding one’s self.

Another tool in my tool box is Tai Chi. I have found a trainer online thru you tube that encompases the powers of nature into his routines. I have tried Yoga but found my clumsy sense of balance does not assist in my success. Whereas, Tai Chi is a fluid movement focused on breathing, and grounding . Check out Jake Mace Tai Chi on You Tube for many videos that are easy to follow along if you want a 15 minute work-out / mind vacation.

Published by Pam Brant

I am a beach volleyball travel writer who promotes players, coaches, officials, trainers, organizations, clubs, and other volleyball related services to increase involvement and awareness of the sport in a fun exciting way. Enjoy the journeys of the Volleyball Lifestyle while connecting with others around the USA as we improve community health. I invite you all to like, follow and share my blogs as I visit new and exciting places: Meet some amazing people along the way, and even join in the fun!!! This is for all levels and ages, recreational to professional. Your Feedback is important to me, as I share my information not only with my traveling athletes, coaches, and trainers, but also with any volleyball organization and club. Let's enjoy the journey together of the volleyball lifestyle, share community activities, and promote healthy activity by traveling to our beautiful parks, beaches, and other venues along the way!

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