The Flow of Coffee, Art, Music and Education at Fluid Coffee

Fluid Coffee Storefront

As a coffee mandated hippie, I am pretty basic. So when I entered Fluid Coffee, I was a little overwhelmed by the sophistication of the connoisseurs menu. I came into 518 Franklin Street with a neighbor friend of mine. She is as illiterate in the coffee terminology as am I, but the barista and coordinator of the Michigan City location, Leanna, showed extreme professionalism, confidence, and patience when describing the differences in almost everything on the menu.

I love the artistic vibe and framed articled biography located by one of the displayed accomplishments. It has a warm relaxing hip atmosphere with welcoming faces from the staff. 

music is endorsed by offering stickers for sale

The Plain Jane that I am, ordered a “drip coffee”,  and my neighbor decided on the Vanilla Latte. The skull shaped spoon to stir the latte with was the perfect touch to integrate the reverent music which  set a mood of accomplished independent defiance: the humanity of it all!! 

 I admired the options for privacy and group meeting areas. With a private cupping room available for reservations and will have coffee educational tastings, “like a wine tasting but for coffee,” according to Leanna. The next one scheduled for Michigan City is March 14, and only cost $10. Samples  I look forward to this as I am coffee terminologically challenged!!!!  

Our barista for the day Nick, was delicate in his artistry of crafting the perfect latte for my neighbor complete with a feather design on the top: 13 years experience has served him well in establishing his craft, and it shows in his passion for appreciation of his customers’ approval. Originally from here, he improved his skill in Bloomington, IN for 10 years and recently moved back two years ago. We are privileged in having his talents here in support of our community.

Leanna comes from the Ukraine and adopted into the US in 2007, successfully went to Chesterton High School, lived in Valparaiso, and recently chose Michigan City as her location to learn about the third wave coffee shop way. She is excited about the upcoming cupping room tasting March 14th, where they share information about the direct relations of this coffee shop and how it’s beneficial for the farmers related to which they serve.

Overall, I think this is going to be a great place for community growth,education, and an artistic establishment. Join them in thier waiting gallery.

See how they roast the beans in their clean production back room.

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