Finishline Finishes First In My Book

So I heard about this free breakfast at a bar in North Pheonix on Facebook: For the cost of a beverage you pick from a list of items to incorporate into your omelette, along with toast, B & G, bacon & sausage links, and his famous cracker barrel casserole. Owner Randy has been here at this location for only a short time before COVID hit and was concerned about losing his investment and business when he decided it was time to serve the community.

His bar offers seating for all ages and free breakfast as listed above for only the price of a drink. It doesn’t even have to be an alcoholic drink!! Serving from 8 am to 1pm. This cost will soon go to $6.00 but still!!!!

The post was Legit, and as we walked into a speakeasy style “UnMarked Door”, we were greeted by Randy and introduced to his cook Sheri, and welcomed by his bartender Megan.

As my mind absorbed this concept of generosity, The Jamming music of Ozzy (War Pigs) As I finished eating,the music fed my soul with a tapping of the war cry to attack the rest of the day: A consciousness of sharing the community love. I met an old die hard supporter and landmark of this fine establishment, known as Dave. What a small world, he is actually from Northwest Indiana as well.

Once football season starts and the business picks back up he will be just fine, but for now he just hopes to survive till then. So if you stop by and take the opportunity to appreciate his generosity, be sure to tip the servers and staff to show your support. 

Finish Line Bar


1724 W Bell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85023
United States

Get directions

Facebook: @3finishlinebar

Published by Pam Brant

I am a beach volleyball travel writer who promotes players, coaches, officials, trainers, organizations, clubs, and other volleyball related services to increase involvement and awareness of the sport in a fun exciting way. Enjoy the journeys of the Volleyball Lifestyle while connecting with others around the USA as we improve community health. I invite you all to like, follow and share my blogs as I visit new and exciting places: Meet some amazing people along the way, and even join in the fun!!! This is for all levels and ages, recreational to professional. Your Feedback is important to me, as I share my information not only with my traveling athletes, coaches, and trainers, but also with any volleyball organization and club. Let's enjoy the journey together of the volleyball lifestyle, share community activities, and promote healthy activity by traveling to our beautiful parks, beaches, and other venues along the way!

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