Thompsons Meets Zentress

2525 Ohio Street

As a young child, I had long flowing hair that I could sit on with the hopes of reaching Chrystal Gayle length. However during my first grade year of schooling, the boys were teasing me and tying my up with my hair. I came home, ran to my room and cried. My loving and supportive mother inquired about my distress, and I told her what happened: in haste I cursed long hair and insisted I wanted a short haircut. Again supportive, she took me over to a local beauty school and again in haste I defended a shorter style.

The poor girl who cut my hair might have gave it up after I saw my reflection of what she had done, screamed a blood-curdling scream of disappointment, and ran out to hide in the car.  She had given me a “pixie cut” which is about 2 inches long all around. Now, keep in mind, I was 7, over-dramatic, angry and hysterical. Short hair, to me, would have been to the middle of my back! I never let anyone, even my best friend who went and graduated from cosmotology school, ever, cut my hair again. I was also a real to life tomboy, and wasn’t ever really into the girly thing. Imagine my surprise when my neighbor convinced me to go to this salon and just give it a chance.

The 50’s themed Barber and Salon Shop has that Happy Days vibe brings back a simpler time when smiles were genuine and sincerity was the norm. I embraced my inner woman and embarked on this journey without realizing I was about to accomplish a rite of passage at the age of 51.

Bobbi Piecuch has 23 years experience with 12 years as a Redken Stage Artist – showing new styles on stage, traveling from tradeshow to tradeshow then changed directions and went to work at a barber shop with a friend while earning a business degree.  She is the owner of Thompsons Meets Zentress, which was originally established as just Thompsons Barber Shop and has been in MC since 1967. When the Thompsons (Roy and Jim) passed away, one of their daughters closed the shop. Bobbi seized the moment to revive the location: She would help open the shop and ran the business for a year under the same name. In honor of the former owner, she fused her ambition and the business became Thompsons Meets Zentress and has been thriving there for 5 years now. She has 2 other girls working in the salon with her, all three have experience in barber services for men and fabulous salon talents for women and the three have been friends throughout their careers.

     They offer services for women and men including, coloring, hair cutting, chemical services (perms), facial waxing, eyelash lift and tint, and hair styling , of course. They also includes shaving on the back of neck… sorry guys no facial shaves.

As the day started and their schedules filled with a steady flow of traffic, the conversations were personal, fun and uplifting. 

Bobbi loves to do everything, but her passion for this form of artwork comes from the satisfaction her clients experience as their self-esteem rises and self-worth soars. As she says, ” Good vibes” describe her attitude. Clients travel from Kouts and North Judson just to have her expertise and she even has an actor from Chicago Fire as a regular client for the last 15 years. She has the style!! There was a lull in activity, and I jumped at the chance to have my hair cut. She was so informative, explaining my hair type, how to treat it, how to maintain it, what type of products work best (without being pushy of her own products) , and most importantly how to enjoy it. I really learned quite a bit about hair care, a field in which I honestly knew I lack as a woman. 

Carrie is waiting to boost your style

Carrie has a cheerful joyous disposition and her smile is contagious. She has 34 years of experience between men’s and women’s services. She loves the simplicity of sharing her artistic qualities,  “…of life-long connection with clients…making them look and feel good”. She shared with me the story of how her grandson came in for a haircut and she jokingly informed him that the portrait of Marilyn Monroe was her when she was younger. A few weeks later, he was walking in a store with his mom and avidly insisted that a photograph of Marilyn was his grandma!! Ya gotta love it!!!

     Angie has been here for over 2 years with over 25 years experience. Loves it all because everyday is something different. She enjoys the specialty colorings and the pure artistry of her career. “She makes me look beautiful, and feel beautiful… she’s the best!!”, says Willette Benning, one her clients stated. After receiving a trim and styling. The smile in her heart as she spoke, said it all. 

    I am pretty amazed at how something as simple as a haircut, conversation, and a great stylist can change one’s confidence as a woman. It’s the act of servitude with a great attitude that feeds the soul with pampering appreciation for who you are. I feel like I’m now part of this rite of passage, this educational journey of self-love, part of this womens community. You might be surprised at what your missing out on, if you have never gone to a true neighborhood salon! Are you a Thompson man? Or a Zentress woman?

Thompsons Meets Zentress

2525 Ohio Street

Michigan City, IN


Mon10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Tue10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thu10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Fri10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sat10:00 am – 1:00 pm

2525 Ohio St

Michigan City, IN 46360

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